Position available: Oxbridge winter school assistant

As a programme assistant, the candidate will be responsible for helping out during students’ lectures, supervisions, local visits (including trips to London and Oxford), social activities, and logistics
(e.g., airport transfers). The dates will be as follows:

Seminar 1: 23.01.2018–05.02.2018
Seminar 2: 25.01.2018–07.02.2018
Seminar 3: 26.01.2018–08.02.2018
Seminar 4: 27.01.2018–09.02.2018
Seminar 5: 28.01.2018–10.02.2018
Seminar 6: 29.01.2018–11.02.2018
Seminar 7: 05.02.2018–12.02.2018

Eligibility & Application

We are looking for individuals with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with prior experience of organising events and working effectively within a team. Please send your CV to hr@cudc.info by 10th November 2017, indicating your choice of Seminar(s). Selected applicants will be invited for an interview in the week commencing 12th November 2017.

We offer competitive remuneration packages as well as the potential to manage programmes in the summer of 2018. Should you have any enquiries, please contact us at 01223859965