China UK Development Centre aims at promoting the exchange and development of China and the UK in entrepreneurship, builds international platform for the high-level talents of two countries, and establishes the entrepreneurship project alliance in the UK under the guidance of professional consultant. China UK Development Centre aims at integrating the outstanding resources of China and the UK in government, enterprise, academy, industry, capital and other aspects, being oriented to the technological innovation industry that rapidly develops in China, and also providing support for China to attract high-end innovative talent and project in the UK by virtue of the scientific and technological achievements of world-class colleges.

Review: ZhenFund UK elite school series tour lecture activity

In February 2012, China UK Development Centre together with ZhenFund organised a tour to visit several UK elite universities and delivered talks with the theme of ‘entrepreneurship and development’. More than 400 students in the UK attended the lectures. Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qiang, as famous Angel investors, two of co-founders of New Oriental and co-founders of ZhenFund brought multiple marvelous speeches.

Xu Xiaoping shared the concept of founding, operation and investment of ZhenFund with students, and introduced the growth story of some excellent entrepreneurship projects that he participated in. The road to success of some young entrepreneurs was filled with challenge and rough, but their spirit of persisting in dream deeply touched and encouraged the audiences on site.

Lots of students introduced their entrepreneurship projects, and hoped to obtain guidance; students also deeply consulted matters concerning the team construction, domestic situation and financing procedure in the entrepreneurial process.