CUDC adheres to the spirit of innovation and strives to promote the exchanges and cooperation of governments of the two countries at all levels and in all fields. CUDC promotes the establishment of friendly relationship between relevant cities of China and the UK and promotes their cooperation in the economic and trade field and from the cultural and educational standpoint.

Establishment of friendly cooperation between the cities of ‘Nottingham and Chifeng’

In order to increase its participation in economic globalization progress undertaken by China, the People’s Government of Chifeng(Inner Mongolia) actively explores the market and promotes the cooperation in such aspects as economy and trade, culture, education and hygiene through the establishment of friendly relationship with relevant cities of other countries to further improve the economic and social life of the people of Chifeng.

China UK Development Centre got in touch with the municipality of Nottingham in 2011, after being entrusted by People’s Government of Chifeng, to coordinate the project. With months of preparation, communication and the coordination of the multiple parties involved, the Government of Nottingham invited the People’s Government of Chifeng to visit Nottingham. In May, a total of 6 delegates from the Chifeng government visited Nottingham under the leadership of Bao Zhenyu, Executive Deputy Mayor.

After arriving in Nottingham, the delegates were warmly received by the Ms. Liu Xiaomei, the Vice Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of China UK Development Centre and Professor Yao Shujie, Dean of the College of Contemporary Chinese Studies at the University of Nottingham and famous Chinese-ethnic economist. On the following morning, along with the team of China UK Development Centre, the delegates, together with Mr. Nick McDonald, Senator of Government of Nottingham and Deputy Mayor in charge of economy and trade and employment, Ms. Emma Smith, International Director of Investment Bureau of Nottingham, Mr. Alex Moczarski,Director of municipal energy bureau and UK sugar industry, held very effective meetings, preliminarily agreed on fields to be cooperated, such as trade and creative industry, technology transfer, urban planning and green energy as well as the management of technology park.

The delegates also visited the famous wind power high-tech enterprise Romax in the municipal Science and Technology Industrial Park and the campus of the University of Nottingham, and held a meeting with Professor Chris Rudd,Vice President and Asian Business Center of University of Nottingham, exchanged opinions in a series of cooperation fields such as education, technology and hygiene, and preliminarily confirmed a series of cooperation projects.

The visit was a great success. Not only because these two cities established contact and started to understand each other, but also because the effectiveness of the encounter greatly exceeded expectations. Chifeng and Nottingham appreciated the key bridge and communication as well as the coordination role played by China UK Development Centre, and expressed their gratidute.

Cooperation project of Qianhai & Shekou Area of Shenzhen of China (Guang Dong) Pilot Free Trade Zone

China (Guang Dong) Pilot Free Trade Zone was approved to be founded formally by the State Council in 2014. Qianhai & Shekou Area of Shenzhen, Guangzhou Nansha New Area and Zhuhai Hengqin New Area are the three big areas. Qianhai & Shekou Area of Shenzhen develops the strategic pivot role of Sea Silk Road of the 21st century by virtue of the advantage and experience of marketization, legalization and internationalization of Shenzhen, integrates resources of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, focuses on global high-end elements, mainly develops the finance, modern logistics, information service, technology service and professional service, port service, shipping service as well as other strategic emerging service industry, and aims at propelling the economic integration development of Shenzhen and Hong Kong and being created to be important producer service industry center of Asia Pacific, important world service trade base and international pivotal port.

In order to actively respond to the strategy of national free trade test zone, cooperation strategy of Shenzhen and Hong Kong and One Belt and One Road strategy, China UK Development Centre signed memo and conducted cooperation project with Qianhai & Shekou Area of Shenzhen of China (Guang Dong) Pilot Free Trade Zone by virtue of high-quality resources of the consultant team of the Centre in the finance, trade and commerce and entrepreneurial industry. China UK Development Centre will continue to promote the economic and trade exchange and cooperation of China and the UK through cooperation project, and make contributions to deep exchange, close cooperation and win-win development in various fields such as economy and trade and humanities of China and the UK through assisting relevant enterprises of China and the UK, docking international project and conducting relevant commercial cooperation.